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www.benedini.de provides the equipment solely to be used by each purchaser in accordance with the specific instructions supplied with each Sound Module and that the purchaser undertakes that the Sound Module and any associated equipment e.g. Amplifier, Speakers, etc. will be operated within the parameters contained therein.

www.benedini.de accepts no liability for any damage to any Sound Module if it is determined that the damage has been caused by either non adherence to the instructions or due to any malfunction by any cause or reason whatsoever within the model or its equipment and thereby outside of the control of www.benedini.de.

www.benedini.de supplies each Sound Module on the strict undertaking that it will be used in such a manner to comply with the laws of the purchaser’s country of residence.

www.benedini.de has no control over the final assembly, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any damage resulting from any use by user of the final assembled product, the user accepts all resulting liability.