Oil smoke II

Redesign of the prooven Oil smoke I
- 4 heating elements
- New high power heaters -> total power about 50W
- Enormous smoke volume generation (see picture above)
- Simpel design (no separate oil reservoir)
- Adaptable to model space conditions
  (f.e.: One/two smoke outlet, horizontally/vertically outlet, 12V or 24V operation voltage)
- Metal housing in two sizes available:
115 x 65 x 75 mm         Large: 115 x 90 x 75 mm

Recommended smoke oil: SR24

NO smoke oil included !
Must be purchased locally




   Smoker in operation (transparent plastic housing shown)         

   Metal version


This smoke generator realizes an absolute realistic exhaust simulation. Smoke volume and smoke speed depends on the model state. When the engine is shut down, no smoke exits the exhaust. During start up a large volume of smoke is blown out the exhaust.

The smoker is delivered as a KIT with a small or large metal housing.
All necessary items for completing the smoker are include. The electronic controller is fully tested and ready to run.
Smoke tube dimensions: about 2x30cm long, inner diameter: 10mm, outer diameter: 14mm

The mechanical and electrical installation must be done on your own!
Installation description and paper drilling jig are included.

!!! Attention !!!
Oil smoke II is not directly compatible with the TBS5 sound unit.
See this
document for the necessary changes.


Complete Kit: Standard size (115 x 65 x 75 mm) : 125 Euro         Large size (115 x 90 x 75 mm): 135 Euro

Spare parts:
Smoke controller: 59 Euro
Heating element: 15 Euro/pcs


Operation manual     Building instruction PLASTIC housing         Building instruction METAL housing

Operating OilSmoke II on a TBS5 soundunit       Operating a old OilSmoke I on a TBS Mini soundunit

Discontinued:   OilSmoke I