November 2018

NEW Soundunit TBS Mini V2

New TBS Mini V2:

- 16x larger sound memory
- Internal 3W digital audio amplifier
- Easy connection of external 3rd party amplifier
- Volume controller onboard






NEW TBS Flash V4












NEW 1x30W digital audio amplifier











April 2017

1. TBS Flash 3.0

New TBS Mini features:

1. Sensor input:
- Speed sensor:
Adaption of engine rpm to real model speed
f.e. pitoto tube sensor in aircrafts

- Load sensor:
Adaption of engine rpm to real model load
f.e. current sensor in vehicles

2. New servo functions:
- Gun recoil
- Control of retractable landing gears in planes (Doorsequencer)

3. New airplane light functions (ACL beacon):
Configurable 3x, 2x and 1x flasher

4. New control mode



2. Longer reaction time on inquiries and orders
Since 1st. February the electronic business is run beside a regular job, resulting in longer treatment of inquiries.
Regular reaction time is usually not longer than about 3 days.

Thank you very much for your understanding!



November 2016:

New small and leight weight speaker for small planes or helicopters LINK








2x60W digital audio amplifier

Ideal amplifier for large scale vehicles, like tanks LINK

(picture my differ from final product)






October 2016:

Smoke generator now in METAL or PLASTIC housing     Details



February 2016:

1. Tanksounds now available in Download section.

2. Due to a not authorized copy of one of our products, we are forced to protect the download section by a password.
Password will be provided on purchase or request by e-mail.

Thank you very much for your understanding!


January 2016:

Soundunit TBS Micro:       79 Euro



October 2015:

Ultra High Power Muzzle Flaser for large scale RC Tanks

RC Tank muzzle flasher for barrel insertion.
Muzzle and muzzle braker are FULLY eluminated.
Due to internal reflections best surrounding effect.
Nearly no influence of view angle.
!!! Up to 50W LED light power !!!




September 2015:

******   Stock clearance:   TBS5 II, incl. 2x40W amplifier: 169€       ******
(only with standard sounds, limited number available)

NEW: Smoke generator Oil base II

High performance smoker for vehicles.
Ideal in combinatioin with TBS Mini soundunit.













NEW: Tiny 2x6W and 2x3W digital audio amplifiers for vehicles








June 2015:

6 Channel rotating beacon for RC airplanes

Best view dur to 45° radiation.









Aviating tip,  40x15mm horizontal for RC planes

Best view of position light and beacon, over 90°.
Best color separation in transition region of both colors.




Download sounds updated


February 2015:
Lighting products are available!
German section of the website is updated. (
see here)
English section is coming soon.

New sounds added.


October 2014:
Taking over of lighting activities of airfighter.eu / Wendler Modelconstruction Berlin.
Production restart in November 2014.


September 2014:
1x40W digital Audio amplifier
The amplifier has the smallest dimensions, nearly no weight and highest efficiency, resulting in very little self heating.
Detailed description can be found


This device ensures galvanic isolation between the receiver- and drive battery, preventing any “ground loops” and
electric noise distribution.
All details are listed


Exciter/Transducer speaker VS conventional cone speaker



Download section updated -> new sounds

June 2014:
- New sounds for download
- Demo section updated

November 2013:
- New sounds for download
- Demo section updated

Oktober 2012
4x40W Amplifier

Ideal for aircrafts in all scale.
Details can be found


December 2011:
- New sounds for download
- Demo section updated
- TBS Mini and 2x40W amplifier manuals updated
- Example for speaker installations in airplanes addded  ->
here (PDF)

Due to current reasons, it is clearly stated that benedini sounds are ONLY allowed to be used on benedini soundunits !!!

April 2011:
Download section modified and the latest sounds added

December 2010:
- Soundlibraries and list of available sounds updated. Please find here.
- Some manuals updated

June 2010:
Soundunit TBS Mini, now available with Tanksounds und Smokeoption. Please find details here.